ItemItem #:Price
Pre-owned Benelli Ethos Blued 12 ga. 28" CT5, UNFIRED, CaseETH-3235471595.00
Pre-owned Beretta 390 Synthetic 20 ga. 26" CT3, Box390-36424550.00
Pre-owned Beretta 471 Silverhawk 12 ga. 28" IC/IM, Splinter, DT, Case471-120593200.00
Pre-owned Beretta 682 Gold E Trap Unsingle 12 ga. 34" CT3, Case682-766753500.00
Pre-owned Beretta 682 Gold E Unsingle 34" CT8, Allem Double Release, Case682-144293650.00
Pre-owned Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon Sporting II 28 ga. 30" CT5, 13 3/4" lop, CS687-942942395.00
Pre-owned Beretta 692 Trap O/U 12 ga. 32" CT5, Case692-248703900.00
Pre-owned Beretta 692 Trap Unsingle 34" Adj. Comb, Adj. Rib, Case692-252863995.00
Pre-owned Beretta A300 Outlander Max-5 Bronze 12 ga. 28" CT3, Box300-103183695.00
Pre-owned Beretta DT-10 Combo Top Single 32 & 34" CT5, CaseDT10-06874800.00
Pre-owned Beretta SO5 EELL 12 ga. 28" CT7 (Briley), English, 15" l.o.p., CaseSO5-37620SALE 15000.00
Pre-owned Blaser F3 Sporting Flat Rib LEFTHAND 12 ga. 32" CT9, CaseF3-119125200.00
Pre-owned Blaser F3 Vantage Sporting 4-barrel set 12/20/28/.410 30", Stock LockF3-01387117100.00
Pre-owned Bowen Trap Single 34" Full, Custom Wood, RELEASE Trigger, CaseBOW-33011500.00
Pre-owned Browning A-5 Sweet 16 (Japan) 16 ga. 26" CT1, Box16-163661325.00
Pre-owned Browning A5 Mossy Oak Shadow Grass 3" 12 ga. 30" CT3 CaseA5-150611495.00
Pre-owned Browning B-27 Superposed o/u 12 ga. 26" IC/MB27-04656SALE 1425.00
Pre-owned Browning Broadway Trap o/u 12 ga. 32" IM/F, Custom Wood, CaseBROAD-237972100.00
Pre-owned Browning BSS Grade II SxS 12 ga. 28" M/F, UNFIRED, English, BoxBSS-027993100.00
Pre-owned Browning BT-99 Leo Special Trap Single 32" Full, RELEASE TRIGGER, CaseBT99-010492800.00
Pre-owned Browning BT-99 Plus 34" CT1, High Rib, Adj. Comb, BoxBT99-026241850.00
Pre-owned Browning BT-99 Plus Micro 32" CT2, CaseBT99-574761700.00
Pre-owned Browning BT-99 Trap Single 34" CT1, Adjustable Comb, UNFIRED, BoxBT99-022541300.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori 725 Grade VII Trap Unsingle 34 Gra-Coil, Adj. Comb/RibCIT-20164995.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori 725 Sporting 28 ga. 30" CT7, CaseCIT-319412400.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori Trap o/u 30" Bottom has 5 choke tubes, Top fixed FullCIT-266632100.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori Upland 12 ga. 26" CT2 English StockCIT-105291295.00
Pre-owned Browning Cynergy 12 ga. 28" CT3CYN-030611695.00
Pre-owned Browning Cynergy Sporting 12 ga. 28" CT3, BoxCYN-014321795.00
Pre-owned Browning Recoiless Micro 27" CT3, BoxREC-058761250.00
Pre-owned Browning Superposed Lightning Grade IV o/u Set 12 ga. 26" & 28", CaseSUP-21842SALE 10000.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Invictus I Trap Unsingle 34" CT3, AS NEW, CaseINV-4007617100.00
Pre-owned Charles Daly Auto-Pointer 12 ga. 28" ModDALY-34914750.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Beretta 682/6/7 28 ga. 30" CT4, fits 12 ga. frameBBL-629161100.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX8 O/U 12 ga. 28" CT6, Barrel Work+PortingBBL-772412400.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Krieghoff K-80 O/U 32" Step Taper + Briley Companion SetBBL-0234900.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Krieghoff K-80 Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT2, Ported, Re-BluedBBL-8923700.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Krieghoff K-80 Sporting O/U 30", Flat taper, CT7BBL-0315063700.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Krieghoff K-80 Sporting O/U 34" M/LIM, PortedBBL-037793000.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Silver Seitz 34" Full, #2 Rib, PortedBBL-1352000.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Beretta 391 ReleaseTRIGG-391275.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Beretta 391 ReleaseTRIGG-391MCK350.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Beretta 391 ReleaseTRIGG-391R350.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Beretta 391 Xtrema PullTRIGG-BER150.00
Pre-owned extra trigger for Winchester M-12 PullTRIGG-54400.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Perazzi MX Bottom Fire Double Release (McDaniel)TRIGG-18750.00
Pre-owned Fabarm Autumn SxS 20 ga. 30" CT6 English Stock, Case, SAME AS NEWAUT-111553100.00
Pre-owned Fabarm Axis Sporting O/U Silver 12 ga. 32" CT5, CaseAXIS-294342600.00
Pre-owned Fabarm Axis Trap Combo 32" & 34" CT5, Stock Lock System, RELEASE TRIGGAXIS-282305300.00
Pre-owned Fabarm L4S Deluxe Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT5, CaseL4S-0461222100.00
Pre-owned Fabarm XLR5 Velocity AR Black 12 ga. 32" CT4, CaseXLR-0409651800.00
Pre-owned Fabarm XLR5 Velocity FR Sporter Black 12 ga. 30" CT5, CaseXLR-0369271495.00
Pre-owned Grulla 209HL SxS .410 28" M/F, English Stock, Double Trigger, BoxGRULLA6800.00
Pre-owned Ithaca 200E SxS 12 ga. 28" M/F200-52236311695.00
Pre-owned Ithaca 5E Trap Single 12 ga. 32" Full5E-4049854700.00
Pre-owned Ithaca Sousa Trap Single 12 ga. 32" Full, CaseSOUSA-40103626900.00
Pre-owned Knight Inline Muzzleloader .50, ScopeKNIGHT-004471SALE 550.00
Pre-owned Kolar T/S Top Single 34" CT4, Adj. Comb, Release Parts Included, CaseKOL-004896995.00
Pre-owned Kolar TA Max Trap Unsingle Combo 32" & 34" CT6, DOUBLE RELEASE TRIGGKOL-0308912500.00
Pre-owned Kolar TA Trap Unsingle Combo 30" & 34" CT5, CaseKOL-005067500.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Bavaria Suhl Trap Combo 32" & 34" CT11, DOUBLE RELEASEK80-23017SALE 18000.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Classic Trap Combo 30" & 34" CT8, Custom Wood +OriginalK80-212169900.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Classic Trap Combo Gold Plantation Upgrade 32"IMF & 34FK80-11456921000.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Plantation Engraving Unsingle 34" CT5K80-08128818700.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff KX-6 Special Nickel LEFTHAND 34" CT3, R.A.D. System, CaseKX6-1315115400.00
Pre-owned L. W. Seecamp 32 ACP, Box and HolsterLWS-035858600.00
Pre-owned Les Baer 1911 Stainless .45 5" barrelBAER-214943000.00
Pre-owned Ljutic LTX 34" Full, Extra Fancy Wood, 13" LOPLJUT-702900.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono 34" CT1, Stock Lock System, RELEASE TRIGGERLJUT-32004195.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono 34" Full (.036), Adj. Comb, Ported, RELEASE TRIGGERLJUT-3289SALE 3595.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Mid Rib 34" CT3 (Briley)LJUT-32342795.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Mid Rib 34" Full, RELEASE TRIGGER, Extra pad and partsLJUT-28283995.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Set 34" Full & 34" LIM, Ported, CaseLJUT-22323595.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Stainless Mono 34" Full, Adjustable Comb/Butt, Release PartsLJUT-1635000.00
Pre-owned Perazzi Mirage Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT4 (Briley), G-Squared StockMIR-816243700.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX10RS SCO ORO Trap Combo 34" M/IM & 35" F, Stock Lock SystemMX10-9979723850.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2000/10 O/U 34"M/IM, Stock Lock System + Original WoodMX2000-1187227900.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2000/8 Sporting/Skeet Combo 31.5" SK/SK & 32" IM/F, CaseMX2000-12751410000.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2005 Unsingle 34" CT5 (Wilkinson), Stock Lock System + origMX2005-1404848900.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX8 Trap Single 34"F, Custom High Rib, Adj. Comb/Butt, PortedMX8-750534900.00
Pre-owned Perazzi TM1 Trap Single 34" Full, Counter Coil, Adj. Comb, CaseTM1-78262495.00
Pre-owned Perazzi TM1 Trap Single 34" XF, Leaf Spring Trigger, Monte Carlo, CaseTM1-1022495.00
Pre-owned Perazzi Trap Combo 32" MX8 High Rib o/u and 34" MX-15 Single, EngravedMX-10515819000.00
Pre-owned Remington 1100 Magnum 3" 12 ga. 30" Full1100-152468400.00
Pre-owned Remington 3200 Trap O/U 12 ga. 30" IM/F, Counter Coil, Case3200-152931395.00
Pre-owned Ruger 77 II Custom Stainless .223 16", Mannlicher Stock, Leupold ScpRUG-517141495.00
Pre-owned Silver Seitz #1.5 High Rib 34" Full, 80/20, RELEASE TRIGGER, Gra-CoilSEITZ-1796500.00
Pre-owned Silver Seitz #2 Mid Rib (80/20 poi) 34"Full, Upgraded Wood, CaseSEITZ-3978300.00
Pre-owned SKB 250 Field Set SxS 28 ga. & .410 28" CT5, Box250-010782600.00
Pre-owned SKB 250 SxS .410 28" CT5, Box250-00480SALE 2175.00
Pre-owned SKB IS300 s/a 12 ga. 30" CT1, Adjustable300-6097700.00
Pre-owned Traditions Lightning Mag Inline Cap Muzzleloader .50TRAD-413053185250.00
Pre-owned Weatherby Athena III 12 ga. 28" CT2, BoxATH-0101901950.00
Pre-owned Winchester 101 Classic Skeet 20/28" SK/SK101-5241995.00
Pre-owned Winchester 101 Quail Special 28 ga. 25.5" CT2, English Stock, Case101-324200.00
Pre-owned Winchester M21 12 ga. 26" Side Plates, 18 Gold Inlays/Gold Wire Border21-1036918000.00
Pre-owned Winchester M21 12 ga. 30" CT5, Briley Sub Gauge Set 20/28/410 CT4eaM21-265089500.00
Pre-owned Winchester M21 12 ga. 30" M/F, Tuscano Engraving (21-4), Diamond PtM21-78319900.00
Pre-owned Winchester M21 Set 20/26" & 20/28", Tuscano Engraving, 21-B Carved21-1482918000.00
Pre-owned Zoli Z-Sport 12 ga. 32" CT14, DOUBLE RELEASE TRIGGER, CaseZOLI-2451325500.00