Perazzi shotguns are famous for their endurance and reliability. The possibilities of technical problems have been reduced to a minimum and the interchangeability of most parts makes it very easy to replace those components that, due to their function, are most subject to wear. The components of a Perazzi are made according to strict and precise dimensions standards. All the parts are made inside their factory using the most modern and updated CNC machines, specifically set up by the manufacturer to conform to Perazzi's strict standards. All operations on their assembly line involving the fitting of various components are executed strictly by hand by highly skilled gunsmiths. Mature Asian walnut wood is by Daniele Perazzi, using only the part of the tree where frost and rain have engraved marvellous and unerasable patterns. The wood undergos a drying process in a temperature- and humidity-controlled, sealed room that takes months to bring the moisture to the appropriate level. The ability to custom order your gun is a great benefit: choose your fore-end style, stock dimensions, barrel length, style of trigger, and rib.

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Pre-owned barrel for Perazzi MX10RS O/U 32" M/IM (Wilkinson)BBL-1187234000.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX8 Sporting 12 ga. 32" CT7, PortedBBL-128541SALE 3900.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Perazzi Grand American I 34" Full (Wilkinson), PortedBBL-892412300.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Perazzi MX DOUBLE RELEASE (Allem), SelectableTRIGG-144921595.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Perazzi MX Pull Selectable (Internally) + Adjustable lopTRIGG-831761795.00
Pre-owned Perazzi High Tech Trap Top Combo 32" IM/F & 34" F, AS NEW, CaseHT-16087317900.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX10RS SCO ORO Trap Combo 34" M/IM & 35" F, Stock Lock SystemMX10-9979726500.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX14L Trap Combo 32" M/LF & 34" F, Allem DOUBLE RELEASE, CaseMX14-1525109900.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX15L Trap Single 34"CT10, R.A.D. System, CaseMX15L-1121256200.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2000 Receiver/Trigger/IronMX2000-1187223500.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2000/RS Trap O/U 32" M/IM (Wilkinson), Stock Lock SystemMX2000-117114SALE 9300.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2005SR Trap O/U 31" CT5/XF Soft-Touch, Glove Grip, CaseMX2005-145858SALE 6500.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX8 Trap O/U 12 ga. 30" M/F, DOUBLE RELEASE TRIGG, PortedMX8-447573000.00
Pre-owned Perazzi TM1 Trap Single 34" Full, Backbored (.744) Adj. Comb/ButtTM1-91512895.00
Pre-owned Perazzi TM1 Trap Single 34" Full, Counter Coil, Adj. Comb, CaseTM1-78262495.00
Pre-owned Perazzi TM1 Trap Single LEFTHAND 34" F, Precision RELEASE TriggerTM1-11742800.00
Pre-owned Perazzi TM9X Trap Single 12 ga. 34" CT3 (Wilkinson), Two Stocks, CaseTM9X-1460669000.00