Having been a very successful rifle manufacturer for decades, in 2004 the German Blaser company created their first shotgun, one that would fulfill all the requirements for perfect eye to hand coordination. Top marksmen tested the F3 until optimum results were achieved. John Bidwell from England won the F.I.T.A.S.C. World Championship with the Blaser F3. The U.S. Open in June 2009 was won by 16-year old Blaser shooter David Radulovich, the youngest open winner in history. Now their debut of a trap gun in 2010 is showing much success across the country. Click here for release trigger information.

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Blaser extra barrel F3 Sporting/Skeet o/u .410 30" CT5 for 12 ga. frameF3BBL410303012.00
Blaser extra barrel F3 Sporting/Skeet o/u 28 ga. 30" CT4 for 12 ga. frameF3BBL28302900.00
Blaser extra barrel F3 Sporting/Skeet o/u 28 ga. 32" CT5 for 12 ga. frameF3BBL28323012.00
Blaser extra barrel F3 Trap O/U 32" CT2F3BBL-OU3355.00
Blaser extra barrel F3 Trap Unsingle 34" CT3F3BBL-UNS3439.00
Blaser extra trigger New F3 Pull, Adjustable, SelectableF3TRIGG1495.00
Blaser F16 Sporting 12 ga. 32" CT5, CaseF16SP4195.00
Blaser F16 Sporting Intuition 12 ga. 30" CT5, CaseF16SPI4195.00
Blaser F3 Super Trap Under Single RL 34" CT3, CaseF3TRURL9076.00
Blaser F3 Vantage 12 ga. 32" CT5, CaseF3SPV327979.00
Pre-owned Blaser F3 Skeet 12 ga. 30"CT5 + Briley 20/28/.410 Set, AmericaseF3SK7400.00
Pre-owned Blaser F3 Super Luxus Trap Combo 32" & 34" CT8, CaseF3TRCSL11500.00
Pre-owned Blaser F3 Trap Combo 32/34 CT5, Stock Lock System, Pro-ported, CaseF3-0033428800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Blaser F3 Trap Unsingle 12 ga. 34" CT1BBL-166452800.00