New Arrivals

Note: new arrivals remain on this page for approximately two weeks.

ItemItem #:Price
Blaser F3 Super Trap Combo 32" & 34" CT8, CaseF3TRC12700.00
Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Unsingle Combo 30" & 34"CT8K80TSC3017995.00
Pre-owned Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting o/u 12 ga. 32" CT5, Case686-161601695.00
Pre-owned Beretta AL391 Urika 2 Kick-off AP Camo 12 ga. 26" CT5, Case391-401467795.00
Pre-owned Beretta DT-11 Unsingle Trap Combo 32"& 34" CT5, Release-Pull TriggerDT11-04809SALE 9995.00
Pre-owned Browning Broadway Trap o/u 12 ga. 32" M/F, CaseBROAD-929921095.00
Pre-owned Browning BT-99 Plus Trap Single 34" CT1BT99-601351695.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori 725 Sporting High Rib 12 ga. 32" CT3, Adj. CombCIT-172882695.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori Hunter o/u 12 ga. 26" CT4CIT-18932895.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Magnus Sporting Limited 12 ga. 32" CT6, CaseMAG-1066683900.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting LEFTHAND 20 ga. 30" CT6, CaseSUM-1386752895.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Summit Trap O/U 32" CT5, DOUBLE RELEASE, CaseSUM-1176833995.00
Pre-owned Caesar Guerini Tempio Light LEFTHAND 20 ga. 28" CT5, CaseTEM-1330192695.00
Pre-owned Charles Daly Superior II 20 ga. 26" SK/SKDALY-90261895.00
Pre-owned Connecticut CSMC A-10 American 12 ga. 30" CT11, CaseA10-0016289000.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Beretta 682/6/7 20 ga. 30" CT9 for 12 ga. FrameBBL-378941295.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Beretta 682/6/7 28 ga. 30" CT2 for 12 ga. FrameBBL-433691295.00
Pre-owned extra barrel for Perazzi MX10 Top Single 34" LFBBL-899703550.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Krieghoff K-80 Classic Trap O/U 30" CT2 (Briley IC/IM)BBL-200531800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special Unsingle 34" CT1, PortedBBL-172594195.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Perazzi MX8 Trap O/U 30" CT2, Delrin RibBBL-1176202295.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Ljutic 73 ReleaseTRIGG-673650.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Perazzi MX DOUBLE RELEASE (Allem), SelectableTRIGG-144921750.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Perazzi MX DOUBLE RELEASE (Allem), SelectableTRIGG-932241750.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Precision Perazzi MX DOUBLE RELEASE Bottom FireTRIGG-11771650.00
Pre-owned Ljutic 73 34" CT3 (Briley), Gra-CoilLJUT-11352200.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono Olympic Rib 33" CT2, Adj. Butt, Case,LJUT-23002395.00
Pre-owned Ljutic Mono One-Touch 34" CT3, Adj. Rib, RELEASE TRIGGERLJUT-38865150.00
Pre-owned Remington 11-87 Sportsman Synthetic 3" 12 ga. 26" CT3, Box1187-06805475.00
Pre-owned Ruger Red Label Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT2RUG-05933SALE 1295.00
Pre-owned SKB Century III Trap Single RL LEFTHAND 32" CT3, Adj. Comb/Butt, BoxC22ACTR-ABPL1095.00
SKB 90TSS White Chrome Trap Combo 30" & 34" CT4, Adjustable Comb and Butt90W20ACTN/242475.00
SKB 90TSS White Chrome Trap o/u 12 ga. 30" CT3, Adjustable Comb and Butt90W20ACTN1725.00
SKB 90TSS White Chrome Trap o/u 12 ga. 32" CT3, Adjustable Comb and Butt90W22ACTN1725.00
Syren L4S Sporting Black LEFTHAND 12 ga. 28"FA037012080.00