New Arrivals

Note: new arrivals remain on this page for approximately two weeks.

ItemItem #:Price
Blaser F16 Sporting Intuition 12 ga. 30" CT5, CaseF16SPI4195.00
Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting Adjustable Comb 12 ga. 32" CT6, CaseA211554250.00
Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting Adjustable Comb LEFTHAND 12 ga. 32" CT6, CaseA21155L4485.00
Caesar Guerini Summit Trap O/U COMPACT 12 ga. 30" CT5 with Adjustable RibA31147C5750.00
Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Unsingle Combo COMPACT 30" & 32" with Adjustable RibsE31877C8295.00
Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Unsingle COMPACT LEFTHAND 34" CT3 with Adjustable RibE31167CLH5985.00
Pre-owned (UNFIRED) Coonan Mode "B" .357 Mag, BoxCOONAN1200.00
Pre-owned Beretta 303 Trap 30" Full, Custom Stock, Adjustable Comb303-66446600.00
Pre-owned Beretta Onyx Pro Unsingle Trap Combo 32" & 34" CT7, Case686-165063995.00
Pre-owned Browning Citori Trap Grade V 12 ga. 32" IM/F, Ported, CaseCIT-056891800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Perazzi MX10 Trap Top Single 34" Full (Allor)BBL-1379443800.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Perazzi MX15 Trap Unsingle 34" CT4, Adj. RibBBL-1243443200.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Perazzi MX15 Trap Unsingle 34" LF, Allor barrel + portingBBL-1155843200.00
Pre-owned extra barrel Silver Seitz 34" Full, Adjustable RibBBL-842000.00
Pre-owned extra trigger Remington 1100 RELEASE (Timney) All SteelTRIGG-1100425.00
Pre-owned Fabarm Axis Sporting Triwood O/U 12 ga. 30" CT5, Adjustable Comb, CaseAXIS-242792595.00
Pre-owned Krieghoff K-80 Special Trap Unsingle Combo 32" & 34" CT8, CaseK80-05033712400.00
Pre-owned Perazzi MX2000/RS Trap O/U 32" M/IM (Wilkinson), Stock Lock SystemMX2000-11711410900.00
Pre-owned Remington 31 Trap 12 ga. 30" Full, Adjustable Comb, Extra Stock31-119499550.00
Pre-owned Sako L691 25-06SAKO-836115700.00
Pre-owned Silver Seitz Gold #2 1/2 High Rib 35"Full, Ported, CaseSEITZ-2648500.00
Pre-owned Silver Seitz Gold #3 Adjustable Rib 34"CT4 (Wilkinson), Stock Lock, CSSEITZ-13811000.00
Pre-owned Weatherby Mark V .257M, Leupold 3-9 scopeWEATH-1435461700.00
Syren Tempio Sporting 12 ga. 30" CT6, CaseA2M1464475.00